June 19, 2024

I’m headed to the Spanish and French Mediterranean in a couple of weeks to explore and put together a possible itinerary for a group of 6 ladies.

I know a lot of us travel solo and for the most part it works out well. But what about a small group of us going to Nice and surrounding towns and villages? 



The format would be something like this:

  • 10 Days (Leave earlier if you want/need)
  • September 2024


Things I can book for you if needed:

  • Round Trip Airfare

  • Single Rooms (Might be in different hotels based on availability).

I try to get breakfast included and we could all meet up in the morning to chat about our plans for the day.

  • Group Dinners Each Evening – If you care to join

  • I will recommend options for things to see and do

Each of you organize your day how you want it to unfold. Either solo or with others.


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