June 19, 2024

Monaco is the epitome of style and elegance

Wow! That is the first thing I can think of to say about Monaco. I’ve been twice in the last year and it was amazing each time. My first visit was for the Yacht Show and that alone was an amazing experience. Monaco is about luxury and that includes yachts of all sizes. I was able to walk up and down the pier where the yachts are parked and take peeks from a distance. They are like luxury hotels on the water.


It is Beautiful!

Officially the Principality of Monaco, Monaco is a country, microstate, and sovereign city-state on the French Riviera in Europe. Clear blue water, white beaches, and luxury resorts are commonplace here. As one of the wealthiest places in the world, there is extravagance at every turn.

Don’t let that level of luxury intimidate you from spending at least a day in Monaco. If feels good to drop into that lifestyle even if you are viewing from a different tax bracket. Just embrace it and be happy for what that have. There is a reason.

I came into Monaco by train. It was very easy to navigate from Nice (and affordable). I stayed in Nice since the hotels in Monaco were out of my budget. There are many affordable options in Nice. And Nice is lovely! But not staying in Monaco didn’t stop me from experiencing a few for meals and drinks in the local hotels. Monaco, like a lot of French Riviera cities, is built in tiers on the hill/mountain side. The easiest way to get from to to bottom is in the elevators throughout the city. Every person I came in contact with was helpful and the street cleaner even walked me to elevator locations if I asked for assistance. English is widely spoken.

It’s Clean

Once thing you will notice about Monaco is the cleanliness. They wash down the streets on a regular basis. You won’t find dog poo, cigarette butts or any other sort of litter. I loved that! Refreshing from what you see in other European cities.

There are smaller areas within Monaco for more affordable meals and fresh food from the markets and if you do your research you can find a few places where you can pick up food and head to the beautiful parks and have a picnic. That is what I did, and so worth it. I sat in this luxurious country having a ham and cheese in a park that you could only see in your best imagination or on the movie screen.

Within Monaco is Monte Carlo where you will find the famous casino. It is worth a visit even if you are required to have a few bobs in your pocket before you can enter the gambling area. The buildings around the casino are worth seeing as well. Magnificent architecture.

There is History and Royalty – Palace

A trip up to the palace is a must. I took the big red tour bus to view the city and get up to the top of the hill to the palace. The bus service provided stops on the way up and back. I spent a few hours at the palace and browsed the local shops and had a nice meal. I was able to see the changing of the guards and tour the area. Then I hopped back on the big red bus and it dropped me right off where I needed to be for the short walk to the train station. You can always take a cab or walk up to the palace. You will walk a lot of inclines while in Monaco. The view from this area is amazing.

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