June 19, 2024

Travel Coaching

Travel Coach

What is a Travel Coach?


I’m all about empowering women over 50 to get out there and see the world. Our lives go into a different phase once the kids leave home and you find you have a lot of time to enjoy life – and Travel! 



A travel coach can help you set your travel goals with actionable steps to achieve them. I’m not a therapist or any sort of counselor. Just a woman over 50 who has been traveling solo for over 15 years (after divorce). I have been to many countries and also traveled extensively in the United States. I like to say I discovered myself when I started traveling solo many years ago when it wasn’t cool. Times have changed.  We are now considered empowered women who are making a choice to get out there. We are not sad, pathetic lost souls waiting for whatever happens to us by not doing anything.



I’m on many Facebook sites where I listen to women having self-doubts and putting off their plans to enjoy their life because it means going solo. Is that you?  It’s time to start acting and getting out there. Trust me…you won’t be solo for long. There are so many women like us who really want to connect and enjoy travel. You get to choose if you want 100% solo or just a little solo. You are in control.  Traveling is something that should not be put off until we are too ‘seasoned’ to enjoy it. I’ll help you get the confidence you need to get out there.



The Travel Coaching Session


My sole purpose of the sessions are to listen to your concerns and address each one. Maybe I will validate them and give you a mitigation plan or I will remove the doubt once and for all. I will give you actionable steps to start your journey of traveling solo. It’s time to transform this stage of your life into what YOU want.


We will focus on your specific goals. So please have them ready when we chat. And we’ll talk about your potential future and your current situation to get the steps aligned. My goal will be to give you guidance, advice, and tips on travel in general and your specific destination if it applies.


The Session Structure


You will come to the session ready to talk about your goals and your obstacles.  If all you want is a pep talk on “You can do it!” I can provide that, but you could get much more out of the session if we talk about actionable steps.

Step 1 – Concerns and Goals


In the first step, you and I will meet to understand your goals and concerns. Example: “I want to go to Germany for Christmas, but I’m really worried about what I saw on the news and the city is so big. I’m not sure if I can handle the things that could happen while I’m there.”  If you are feeling overwhelmed with a hint of fear, we will talk about each of those concerns. I want you to be able to chat openly with me and let me know what you want to get out of the coaching session.


STEP 2- Plan


Once we agree on what your specific goals are we can now start talking about the plan. You can have follow-up sessions to talk about your progress and put in the component of accountability if that works best for you.


We will start with baby steps to help you feel comfortable.  It may not be Germany. It may be the town that is 2 hrs. away. It doesn’t matter. You just need to get out there.


STEP 3 – Summary


We will summarize what we discussed and your plan – with steps.  We will chat about whether or not you would like another session to discuss your progress and get additional input.




I have given you a overview of what a Travel Coach does. I offer a FREE 15-minute session just to chat and see if I can help. There is no commitment.  We won’t go into details of your goals. We will just chat and see if I can help you realize your travel goals.


Full Session:


I want you to have a full hour so that we can get everything lined up for you to start taking action. My sessions are $100 for a 2  full hour sessions. The first 15 minutes “Introduction Call” is free and you can determine if I can help you. We can use any tool to talk face to face or just on the phone. We all think about saving money when we travel so $100 might be out of budget. I get that. I hope you decide that it is time to take action and let me help you get there. Whatever you decide to do I hope it involves taking the steps to get out of you unstuck and traveling to experience what life has to offer at this wonderful phase in your life.



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