June 19, 2024

There are some things worth buying at airport shops

If you have ever gone through an international airport, you will see that you can buy almost anything at Duty Free shops, but some items are a better deal than others.

In my humble opinion there are some things you should buy and a few things you should avoid in the duty free or airport shops. A couple of things I always buy are snacks and skin care products. And I don’t buy alcohol, souvenirs, water, pillows, or headphones. Let me outline my thoughts on what I buy and don’t buy in airports.

The airports are specifically designed to guide you through the maze of products and hope that something will catch your attention and you will purchase.  This design has paid off well for them. It works. So be strong!


I buy snacks since I’m a picky eater and I don’t usually like what is offered on the flight. I load up! I have found that the snacks are not that overpriced. The restaurants are overpriced but not so much on the snacks.  I buy things that will replace a meal if the airline is serving meal options that don’t work for me. And don’t forget your Cadbury chocolates! For some reason, they taste much better from the airport.

Tip: Buy a few sweets for the flight attendants. They put up with a lot! I take a little bag with me to the airport and then pick up a few sweets (all individually packed) and then hand them to the flight attendant when I board.  They are always very grateful for the effort to show appreciation.

Skin Care Products

Another thing I have found are certain skin products that are hard for me to find, or the price is a lot better. My rule of thumb is to buy one new product to try on the trip.  And being international I tend to find slightly more exotic items than I can find at my local boutiques.  If you are ever on EasyJet you will find great deals…and if you wait just before they stop service you can get 25% off! 


I stopped buying souvenirs a while back, and I would never recommend you buy them at the airports. The price is very inflated. If I’m going to buy anything I will buy it at my destination. It’s better to find a more unique item for the nephew over the generic item in the airport.


Many planes have free headphones you can use on your flight, or ones you can purchase. If you need to buy, get them on the airplane. You can now get an adapter to use your wireless headphones on the airplane TVs. They work great! 


I don’t buy alcohol. The prices can be just OK at best. It is tough to haul around, and I tend not to drink a lot when traveling. I save my drinking appetite for the little bistros or pubs that I land in at my destination.


Skip the plastic water bottles and bring your own instead. Getting bottled water in an airport can be expensive, which is one reason I avoid.  I bring my collapsible water bottle and fill it up after I get through security.  You need to stay hydrated so you will feel your best when you land.

Neck Pillow

You won’t find the best price or quality on neck pillows in airports. It is best to bring yours from home. The type of pillows offered in the shops is limited, and I know mine has been washed and I have been the only one who handled it!

Books and Magazines

Being an airport shop there is a limit to stock but I’ve found a few unique titles to take on my trips. I like going to the airport a little early and finding something that will keep me entertained for my long flight.  I have found a few jewels! If I buy magazines, I will leave them for the flight attendants or just throw them away once I have gotten all I want out of them.

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