June 19, 2024

Lake Como is an Artistic and Cultural Gem

If you’re after palatial villas, rose-laden belvederes, hanging wisteria and bougainvillea, lanterns casting a glow over lakeshore restaurants, and majestic Alpine vistas, then Lake Como is perfect. The summer crowds can be massive but it remains a place of beauty to experience. If you love breathtaking views and experiences of a lifetime then Lake Como is the right place. Let me tell you Why You Should Visit Lake Como.

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in northern Italy. The views are not confined to the lake – the surroundings are just as stunning. The mountains, sunsets, villas, and small towns provide a perfect escape from Milan or any other big city.

I took the train from Milan which took about an hour and offered up nice views. Although it is Italy you will find plenty of written English and people who speak English. I had no problem navigating my way from Milan straight to my apartment. I picked an apartment high on a hill that gave me a breathtaking view of the other side of the lake from my bedroom. A view that I could have looked at forever. I had a bistro table and chair where I enjoyed my morning coffee and soaked up the beauty. Sitting alone on the balcony taking in the view was time for me to enjoy the peacefulness that travelling solo provides.

My apartment was high above the town center so I needed a cab to get me into down and back to the apartment. It was never a problem until the dinner rush, then there was a wait. As I was leaving the area there was a cab strike. I’m not sure I would have made it up that hill too many times if there wasn’t transportation!

Getting Around

One thing I want to warn about is traveling around Lake Como is EXTREMELY difficult. There are no Ubers, cabs are extremely limited and the ferry schedule can be tricky to understand. I would recommend choosing a town that’s pretty central to what you want to do, or map out your plan on what you want to see. Go with the flow and give yourself enough buffer time to make sure you can make it home easy at night and for any time sensitive situations.

Cernobbio and Gatto Nero

Located across the lake is Cernobbio, so I took the ferry across for drinks and a sunset. Make sure to book a reservation. They won’t allow you in without one, but it is so worth it. The hotel property is stunning and it was magical to have drinks in their courtyard and watch the sunset. There are also a few restaurants on property as well if wanting to dine as well.

After drinks I headed to Gatto Nero for dinner. George Clooney’s favorite, this cozy spot has incredible views and delicious pasta dishes. The staff was great in getting me a cab after dinner. There is a wait, just request early. Don’t ever be afraid to ask. You will happy to know they are a very helpful culture.

Boat Tour

A boat tour on Lake Como is a must and was my favorite part of the trip. I booked a small group tour. It provided a nice dinner where I had great conversation with other guests. One of my boat mates was from Texas! My guide was great at sharing facts about the different villas and stopping for us to explore the towns. We stopped twice and he waited for us while we explored Bellagio – more touristy but still fun to explore – and Varrena which is cute and great for a meal.

Lake Como is another great place if you are a solo traveler. It is easy to get around, English spoken, great culture and plenty to see and do. There are many small villages on the lake and I recommend you picking a few to see. Don’t just stay in Como. Take the ferry to other areas and you will be glad you did. I highly recommend!

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