June 19, 2024


You Need to Visit Venice!

There’s something extremely romantic and charming about Venice. Imagine strolling down alleyways, eating authentic gelato while window shopping for Italian leather handbags. Whether it’s the Basilica di San Marco located in the heart of the Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, or the Ponte dei Sospiri, there is so much history to be seen on this magical little island, it can seem very overwhelming. 


Venice, Italy: A City to Remember


It matters where to stay, as you could easily end up VERY unhappy. If you’re going to book a hotel at the last minute you might end up staying over an hour away from Venice due to the high demand.

Where to Stay

I’d avoid staying on the mainland, as it might take you up to an hour by bus to get to the part of Venice you actually want to see. Venice is beautiful in the summer, but unfortunately, you’re not the only person who thinks so. Be prepared for a gorgeous, yet crowded experience with a lot of tourists running around.

 It may seem like everywhere you go is full of people, especially between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the cruise ships pull in and take their passengers onshore for excursions to the museums in the Piazza San Marco.


Venice, Italy: A City to Remember


Do yourself a favor and get a pass to skip the line. It’s only a few bucks more, but it can save you a lot of time and frustration.


The further away you go from San Marco square the fewer people you’ll see. Get lost in the small streets to feel like a local. In the residential quarter around the Ormesini and Sensa canals at the northern end of Cannaregio, you can still enjoy a real slice of genuine Venetian life.

Off the Beaten Path

My time in the back streets were the best. There were lovely hotels with hidden gardens and shaded areas for a tall, cold lemon drink.


I had an opportunity to visit the Basilica of San Marco after-hours tour with Walks of Italy. I can’t recommend this tour enough as there were only 10 of us in the entire church. We didn’t have to rush anywhere, and we also could explore the catacombs.

What’s the first thing people think about when they hear about Venice? Gondolas! They cost 80 Euros for half an hour as they are regulated by the city. There’s no arguing over the price. I did a pass on the gondola and just watched the people go by from the bridge. That was enough for me.



I recommend going and you definitely won’t feel alone – there are people everywhere. But I feel it is one of those place that could disappear one day and you’ll miss it!


Venice, Italy: A City to Remember

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