June 19, 2024

I think Italian is a beautiful language. You need to learn a few words and phrases so you can make the most out of your visit to Italy. Here are a few top Italian Words and Phrases.


Basic Italian Words

Hello: Ciao (informal); Salve (formal)

Goodbye: Ciao (informal); Arrivederci (formal)

Good morning: Buongiorno

Good evening: Buonasera

Goodnight: Buonanotte (use this when you’re going to bed)

Please: Per favore; per piacere

Thank you: Grazie

Thanks so much: Grazie mille

You’re welcome: Prego; Di niente

Beautiful: Bello (masculine); Bella (feminine)

Good: Buono (masculine); Buona (feminine)

Friend: Amico (masculine); Amica (feminine)

Family: Famiglia

Well: Bene

Bad: Male

Yes: Sì

No: No

Who?: Chi?

What?: Che?; Cosa?

Where?: Dove?

When?: Quando?

Why?: Perché?

How much?: Quanto?

Common Italian Phrases

How are you?: Come sta?

How’s it going?: Come va?

I don’t know: Non lo so

All’s well: Tutto bene

I’m sorry: Mi dispiace

What is your name?: Come si chiama?


My name is…: Mi chiamo…

OK: Va bene

Excuse me: Mi scusi

Excuse me (passing through a crowd): Permesso

Basic Italian Travel Words and Phrases

I would like… (ordering food or buying a ticket): Vorrei…

Check, please: Il conto, per favore

Where is…?: Dov’è…?

Luggage: Bagagli

Suitcase: Valigia

Train: Treno

Ticket: Bigletto

Rental car: Auto a noleggio

Bathroom: Bagno

Museum: Museo

Church/Cathedral: Chiesa/Duomo

Beach: Spiaggia

Store: Negozio


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