June 19, 2024

Here are Items I found that work well on cruises

After going on a few cruises I have figured out a few things that are essential to take and wear on a cruise. It will always come down to what you are comfortable in. Let me share what works for me and it just might work for you. Here are my favorite Travel Clothes!

1. Sundresses

Sundresses are always a hit on a vacation. They are a great option when you want to feel put together but don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about your outfit. I think we can all agree that a sundress is an essential clothing item for a cruise.

I recommend you take a couple sundresses. You will find you have several times they will wear well.

Cruise Travel Clothes

2. Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress is another staple to add to cruise outfits. They can be as elegant and casual as you want. I love how they flow when I walk. I have one that is super soft and sooooo comfortable. I tend to wear them in many circumstances since they look good and they are so comfortable.

I recommend at least 2 maxi dresses. They don’t take up much space and are very versatile. Between the sundresses and the maxi dresses, you’re pretty much set for dinners on the cruise.

Depending on the style they can also be worn to formal night dinner. This is double duty for this staple!

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3. Tops

Cotton t-shirts, button-ups, and blouses are all great to take on your cruise. Bring colors that will mix and match your shorts, trousers, and skirts.

Plain cotton t-shirts or tank tops are a great way to pack light and save money. I recommend packing neutral colors, like black or white. Wear with shorts, nice jeans, or a skirt. You can dress them up and down.

A button-down shirt adds a layer of sophistication. I like to wear one with white shorts or pants and sandals. You can also use the button-ups as a layer over your dresses or swimsuits.

A stylish blouse that you can wear to dinner is always a good idea.

Cruise Travel Clothes

I always pack a few T-shirts or tanks, at least one button-up, and a pretty blouse.

You can also use the button-ups as a layer over your dresses.

4. Wraps and Cardigans

Even though it’s hot on the ship, there are places where it is very cold. I always take a cardigan when I travel since I never know if I’m going to encounter a cool situation. It is also a little chilly at night on most cruises. I use them as an extra layer over my sundresses for dinner.   

Sometimes I will wear my wrap. It just depends on what goes with the outfit.

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Cruise Travel Clothes

5. Trousers

There are an if you don’t like to wear shorts. Trousers are a great way to show off your style while being comfortable and presentable for dinner. I tend to wear flowy cotton trousers with a nice cotton t-shirt. A pair of nice slacks or capris can also be an option.

All of these should go with the tops you bring.

6. Shorts

During the day you will want to hang around in shorts if you’re not by the pool. You can wear a nice pair of chic (linen?) shorts to dinner, too. I pack at least 3 pairs of shorts.

When selecting your fabrics try to stay away from polyester. Cotton, linen, and soft, anything that is breathable.

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A nice pair of jeans is always a good choice. I tend not to wear jean shorts or jeans but I can see how they are a hit with most. I tend to lean towards more dressy shorts.

7. Cover Ups

Cover-Ups are a must. There will be many times want to get out of the sun and get a drink or go to the buffet and a cover up is best to have on hand. I suggest packing at least two. You’ll use them on the ship and in port. They’re also easy to wash in the cabin sink and hang to dry. They don’t take up a lot of room in your luggage.

8. Bathing Suits

You will need at least two bathing suits. If you’re packing for Alaska, then one bathing suit is enough.

You will use one for sunbathing by the pool deck, and a suit for the beaches and water activities at the port.

9. Formal Night

You need to pack at least one nice outfit for a formal night. Not a ball gown, but something you would feel comfortable and confident in. You can always skip the formal night, but I think you should try it at least once.

Fly and Stay Cheap

Some like to wear cocktail dresses on formal nights. But you need to wear what makes you feel good.

I always go for the little black dress for formal night. I add a few pieces of jewelry and a nice pair of shoes and I’m ready!

10. Shoes

I recommend you bring at least 3 pairs of shoes on any vacation. You will have an everyday pair and then a casual slip on for some of your outfits and finally, depending on your style and activities you will want another pair for that.

You’ll want comfortable walking shoes if you do any shore excursions involving walking. I wear those when I travel to save space in my suitcase. These are my pick for a comfortable shoe but shoes are something that needs to be tried on and see if they are the best for your feet.

When choosing which sandals to bring, ensure they are comfortable. You will wear them quite a bit on the cruise and in port.

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11. Purses and Bags

 You need a place to store your stuff on the ship and in port. I recommend bringing two bags with you.

A small crossbody bag is perfect for carrying your ID, cash, credit cards, phone, and lip balm. I wear mine everywhere.

A larger bag is great for carrying your towel, sunscreen, and other things when lounging by the pool or spending a day at the beach.

12. Hats

 It is best if you get a hat that you can roll up or pack in your suitcase. Here are a few choices of hats in another article. A good hat can really make your trip more comfortable.

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