June 19, 2024

A quiet French Village with Loads of Charm

I had the opportunity to experience an area of France that was new to me. The village I stayed in was Prades, France. A friend bought an adorable apartment in the village of Prades and offered it for a week. I was thrilled! It is in the main part of the village with easy access to walk to loads of places. To get to Prades I took the train from Montpellier which was super easy. The town center was about a 10 minute lovely walk from the train station.

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The village is just small enough to feel quaint and big enough to offer things to do. There is an awesome outdoor market on Tuesdays and I spent quite a bit of time loading up on food for the next few days. Everything was FRESH and wonderful. I highly recommend going if you are there on a Tuesday.

The restaurants are limited but still enough choices for the time I was there. My new friend introduced me a local friend of hers and we spent time drinking wine and touring local villages. She introduced me to my new favorite drink – Kir (common French cocktail made with white wine and blackcurrant liqueur). I ordered mine with peach and I was in heaven.

There is a pace in these smaller French villages that is therapeutic. You can just sit and do nothing and it feels good. You can find things to do that will occupy your days but it is not action packed. Each day I went to the local grocer to get supplies. The owner offered me a mint tea each time I came into his store. He couldn’t speak English but that didn’t stop him from being kind to this solo, American traveler.


You won’t find anything on the television in English. If you need to watch programs I recommend you use your iPad. I got so much pleasure from just sitting, watching and listening to the locals and I had no need for television.

They don’t speak much English in these smaller villages so brush up on a few French words and terms so you can have a better experience. If you make the attempt to speak French they will be more than willing to try and speak English.

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If you need down time to reflect and enjoy your own company then Prades, France is a good place to hang out. I like being in a place for a few days to soak up the local vibes and be a little “French”. I ate fresh fruit, drank great wine and enjoyed just ‘being’. I highly recommend you hit the smaller villages in France and get away from the larger cities. It does the soul good!


How can I travel to Prades, France, from Montpellier?

To reach Prades, you can take a train from Montpellier, which offers a convenient and easy transportation option. The journey takes approximately how long from Montpellier to Prades?

What are some of the highlights of Prades, France?

Prades is known for its charming atmosphere and offers a delightful outdoor market on Tuesdays, where you can find fresh and wonderful food. The village has limited but sufficient restaurant choices, and you can enjoy the local French cocktail, Kir, which can be customized with different liqueurs like blackcurrant or peach.

What is the pace of life like in Prades?

The pace of life in Prades is therapeutic and relaxed. You can enjoy moments of leisure, watching and listening to the locals, or engaging in activities that occupy your days without feeling rushed. It is a great place to find some peace and enjoy your own company.

What is the language barrier in Prades?

In smaller French villages like Prades, English is not widely spoken. It is recommended to brush up on a few French words and phrases to enhance your experience. However, locals are friendly and willing to communicate, even if it means trying to speak in English if you make an effort with French.

Are there entertainment options like television in English?

In Prades, you won’t find television programs in English. If you need to watch programs, it’s suggested to use your own device, such as an iPad. However, many visitors find pleasure in simply enjoying the local ambiance and do not feel the need for television.

Is Prades suitable for a relaxing getaway?

Yes, Prades is an excellent destination if you are looking for a place to unwind, reflect, and enjoy your own company. The village’s small size and charming atmosphere make it an ideal location to immerse yourself in the local culture, savor fresh food and wine, and experience the slower pace of life in a peaceful setting.

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