June 19, 2024

Bath was Jane Austen’s Home

The charming city of Bath is only 115 miles away from London. Close enough for a great weekend getaway but far enough for a real change of scene. Whether you are interested in Jane Austen, Roman antiquities, bathing in luxurious hot springs, or shopping till you drop, this lovely city should be in your solo travel plans. It is a short 1.5 hr train ride from London. Trains leave London from Paddington Station, with connections to the Circle, Bakerloo, District, and Hammersmith and City lines of the Underground. You’ll arrive at Bath Spa station, which is centrally located and easily accessible to the rest of the town on foot. Bath, England | Lovely Destination.


Bath is my favorite city in England. There is nothing to compare. I reeks of history and looks like time has stood still. I could picture Jane Austen walking around and stopping in for tea. It wasn’t too cold for most of my trip so I was out and about each day discovering the city. There are so many cozy places to eat but I started off with a laid back morning snack at one of Bath’s best-known institutions – Sally Lunn’s. Housed in one of the oldest buildings in the city, this quaint tea house is packed with people eager to get their hands on the famous house specialty, the Sally Lunn bun. I sat in one of the small wooden tables, huddled over my fresh baked goods and hot tea. I thought about Jane having tea here and what it would have been like for her. A wonderful memory.

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I strolled through the city center and gazed at the honey colored buildings that were lined up on pristine streets. I recommend to start walking and try to get lost. No matter where you go, you can find your way back to the city center easily.

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Roman Baths: Of course you must see the Roman Baths when you visit Bath. Walking through here was almost like a time warp, with the bright green waters of the baths reflecting the picturesque Roman facades honed over centuries of development. Back then, this water was revered as a cure for all sorts of ailments. I closed my eyes and envisioned people sitting in and around the baths having conversations. A step back in time. The price to get into the baths is steep, but worth it.

Georgian Crescents: I loved seeing the Georgian crescents of Bath. These are the quintessentially ‘Bath’ sight there is to see. The most famous of these two are the Royal Crescent and the Circus. Just strolling up and down the street where these were lined up was a nice experience.

Bath, England

It is very easy to get to Bath from London and it isn’t intimidating with a lot of train changes so don’t let that stop you from visiting this lovely city. The city has plenty of parks to enjoy and I did my share of hanging out in the green spaces. I hope you get to Bath, it is worth it.

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