June 19, 2024


Here are the Essentials for Your Solo Trip

It is hard to know all of the items you will need when traveling. Here is a list of things I travel with and find they work well. I hope you find this information useful. Let me show you what I feel are a few travel essentials.


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Compression cubes help you organize and compress your clothing. You will be surprised how they help with fitting things into your luggage.  I have been using these for a while and one thing you need to remember is that not only does the airline have a size limit they also have a weight limit. Check the airline sites to know what their weight limits. Invest in high quality cubes that have a sturdy zipper and water-resistant material. So, pack away but make certain you are within the weight constraints.

2. TSA SECURITY LOCK A TSA lock is one of the best gadgets you can take on your trip.  It keeps sticky fingers out of your luggage. A TSA Security lock will give you peace of mind when your bag is out of site. If you put a lock on your luggage that is not TSA approved, you will probably find it cut off when you pick up your case if they feel they need to see inside your luggage. Go with the combo lock instead of a key lock. You don’t need more items to keep track of.


There is a hug range of quality in USB chargers. They are making very powerful chargers that can fit in the palm of your hand. I recommend you get a good one or you will find yourself constantly charging the smaller, low-capacity ones. You do not want to be caught without power to your devices, especially when you are traveling solo.

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You cannot go wrong with a good phone pouch to protect your phone from rain, dropping in the airport toilet (done that!), etc.  When you can hang it around your neck it adds a bit more convenience along with helping it from getting left behind.  I like the neck band since I worry about petty theft when I set it down on the tables at cafes or left in my bag.

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You need to carry your own water bottle to avoid overusing plastic and spending loads of money on water. This also makes it easy to stay hydrated!


The plug adapter is a requirement. You will not find them provided in any hotel or apartments. You may find them in local stores, but you will pay more and may not be able to find one easily. A Must!


I don’t go anywhere without my personal alarm. If you are being approached by someone aggressive, this will surely stop them and make them reconsider their next step. More than likely you will never use but it feels good to have it in your pocket.

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Pick a lightweight carry on. You will be the only one managing your luggage and trying to handle oversized and bulky bags will only cause stress.  Back to one of my other tips – Pack Light! You do not need an outfit for every day – mix and match and use the local laundry. And remember, most places have outdoor markets that sell very affordable shorts, tops, skirts and such. And it is fun to shop for them.


You will have many experiences that you’ll want to remember, and a journal is the best way.  It gives you a space to track your trip, add the notes you need and put your thoughts down on paper. I use mine a lot to put in my favorite wine or food along with the restaurant name and location.


A money belt will keep your money and travel documents hidden. You can easily keep your money, passport cards, IDs, and keys close under your clothing as you explore.

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I also carry a travel wallet. It helps me stay organized when I’m going through security and boarding. I like to have my things in one place. I will use my my money belt when I go out on excursions. I lock up my wallet with all my important stuff in the hotel for safe keeping.


If you happen to need a band aid or cream for a scratch or cut don’t expect the hotel or apartment to provide. And if you buy at the local stores, you will over pay a lot. Pack a mini-first aid kit for cuts, scrapes, aches, burns, colds, etc. You can always make your own first aid kit.


I don’t fly without a neck support pillow. This one provides all-around neck support. It’s a life-saver during long flights.  Most people wear them backwards and put the tie/closure in the front. They work much better if the tie/connector is in the back.

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A day-pack is absolutely essential for any traveler. You’ll use a day-pack for day trips, excursions, and any other time spent outside of your hotel room. You can store your camera, journal, travel documents, and other day-to-day essentials inside while you’re on the go. Aim for an anti-theft bag to prevent pickpockets and bag-cutters!


A door stop alarm serves as an extra level of security that will alert you and potentially scare away any intruders. You can never be too safe.

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