June 19, 2024

I spend a few weeks at a time when I go to Europe. I have learned what I should and shouldn’t pack for 2 weeks in Europe. Let me show you what I pack.

Beginnings of packing for Europe

If you have never been to Europe, you will need a few basics that are not clothes. Please see my list of a few things I recommend.

The Plane

Layering is the key when traveling. There will be times when you are cold, hot and all in between. When you have a couple of layers you just peel and add as needed. I always travel in a lightweight coat. And I always travel with a scarf or wrap. You will be amazed at how many times you will use it.

Things I don’t recommend wearing on a flight:

Since you get 2 items to take on the plane, I recommend your second item after the luggage is a bag that holds the items you will want to access during the flight or processing in customs.

Let’s Pack!

I use these packing cubes and I don’t know how I did it before I discovered them.

​They make it easy to unpack and keep outfits organized. I tend to pop them in the hotel dresser and don’t bother taking everything out unless it needs to be hung up. I delegate one of the cubes for my dirty clothes when I pack to come home.

The Basics for 2 Weeks in Europe

​I do most of my travel in the late summer or early fall so I can avoid the masses of people. And I get the off-season pricing. This means it will probably be a little chilly at times. You need to consider a few items to keep you cozy. Remember layers!

I recommend you wear a nice, classic jacket. Make certain the fit is relaxed and casual but still classy.  I would select one with a few pockets to help you stay organized.  Make certain they either zip or snap – remember those pickpockets!

I also take a cardigan.

Take care of your feet!

You can go cheap on a lot of things, but shoes should not be one of them. You rely on your feet 100% to have a nice trip. A blouse won’t break it, but a bad pair of shoes will!  I would not take any type of flip-flops. You will have a nice pair of flats you can slip on when needed. ​

I take my comfy casual shoes that look similar to sneakers but don’t look like I’m headed to the gym. Some establishments will not allow you in if you look like you are headed for a workout.

Fly and Stay Cheap

It is a good idea to pack a few things that you know you will not bring home. Such as a blouse that has seen better days or a pair of shoes that you are just done with. They are still nice enough to wear out but not worth bringing back home. And for all the things you leave, you can replace them with something from Europe!

​Here is my packing list for 10 Days

What I wear on the plane:

What I pack:

  • 2 Trousers
  • 1 Skirt
  • 1 Cardigan
  • 2 Shorts (I go either black or navy or maybe a tan/light brown so I can mix and match easily)
  • 5 Blouses/Tops. You could fit in one for every day but why if you mix and match?
  • 2 Dresses (I add my scarf or cardigan as needed)
  • 2 Pairs of Shoes – A pair of casual ballet slippers, casual shoes and I’m wearing my walking shoes.
  • Underwear and socks for every 2 days. Wash midway.
  • Swimsuit (depends on where and when you go)
  • Pajamas
  • Hat (Rolls up!)
  • Jewelry (a few basics) Also, I’m wearing a few items. Nothing expensive!
  • Toiletry bag – with only the basic and I buy what I need when I arrive. Like shampoo, face wipes, etc.
Fly and Stay Cheap

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